| April 29, 2013

Engine 9-2

The Mills Fire Department is committed to providing optimum preservation of life, property and environment, to our residents and visitors, through the process of prevention and education, with the highest level of skill, teamwork and customer service.

Mills Fire provides numerous types of services to the community and its citizens. With an ever growing community, Mills Firefighters have become increasingly relied upon, and utilized, for our many services. Responses consist of structure, brush, and miscellaneous fires, advanced life support (ALS) for medical emergencies (including the transport of sick and injured patients in ALS ambulances), commercial fire alarms, vehicle accidents, vehicle fires, public assists, CO alarms, smoke detector alarms, railroad accidents, ice and water rescues, HAZMAT, gas leaks, natural disasters, and other incidents requiring assistance from our department. Last year we responded to nearly 1200 calls for service. We expect that number to continue to grow exponentially. We are proud to work hand in hand with the various fire response agencies throughout our community, including Natrona County Fire Protection District, Casper Fire-EMS, Evansville Fire, Casper Mountain Fire, Bar Nunn Fire, Natrona County Sheriffs Office, Mills and Casper Police Departments, Wyoming Highway Patrol and Wyoming Medical Center. Through continued joint training, mutual aid and partnerships, Mills Fire Department is able to provide above average service to not only our community, but our surrounding communities as well.


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