| June 26, 2015


Mills FD Patch Final (White BG) 







The Town of Mills Fire Department, located in Natrona County, Wyoming is currently accepting applications for the position of Entry Level Firefighter/Paramedic/EMT Intermediate.

Starting salary for this position, as negotiated by IAFF Local 4961 is $39964.00. Benefits include 100 percent employer paid health, dental, vision and life insurance. Pension and paid leave are also included. At time of hire, a valid State of Wyoming driver’s license and  State of Wyoming EMT Basic license shall be obtained and in possession of the Candidate.

Testing will include a Written Exam, Physical Agility Test, and Oral Interview Panel. Successful Candidates who pass the written exam with a 75% or higher, will move on to the physical agility test. The physical agility test is pass or fail with a 7 minute allotted time to complete the task. Those whom pass the physical will then be scheduled for an oral interview. Upon successful completion of all tasks, an eligibility list will be populated and published. Candidates will then move on to the Chiefs Interview.  Upon completion of the Chiefs Interview, conditional offers of employment will be issued. Background investigation, polygraph, psychological assessment, drug screen and Doctors exam will then take place. Upon successful completion a start date will be given.

Interested persons are encouraged to submit an application no later than August 12th 2015. Applications can be found online at WWW.MILLSFIRE.COM or at 300 Lakeview Dr., Mills, WY 82644.

Testing will take place on August 21st 2015. Applicants will be notified of the testing location via phone call. There are currently two full time openings that will be filled immediately.



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