June 2015 Month End

| August 18, 2015

Calls for service:

Your Mills Firefighters responded to a total of 138 calls for service during the month of May. The breakdown of the calls is listed below:


  • Town of Mills Medical Calls:                            32
  • Town of Mills Accident w/ Injuries:                 7
  • Town of Mills Structural Fires:                         0
  • Town of Mills Vehicle Fires:                              1
  • Town of Mills Service Calls:                              5
  • Town of Mills Hazardous Material:                2
  • Town of Mills MISC. Fire:                               1
  • Town of Mills Gas Leaks:                                1
  • Town of Mills Fire Alarms:                             0
  • Town of Mills Unusual Odor:                          5
  • Town of Mills Agency Assists                          1
  • Town of Mills Lock Out                                   1
  • Town of Mills Missing Person:                        1
  • EMS Stand-By:                                                 3
  • Non-Emergent Transports:                             40
  • Refused Transports due to Staffing                5
  • Mutual Aid Medical Calls:                              9
  • Mutual Aid Accident w/ Injuries:                    0
  • Aircraft Plane Crash ALERT1:                         1
  • Mutual Aide Structure Fires                           0
  • Mutual Aide Fire Alarms                                0
  • Medical Calls Per Wyoming Medical Center Request due to insufficient ambulance staffing:                                                       23

Your Mills Fire Fighters averaged 4.6 calls answered per day, for the Month of June.


Training and Equipment:

EMS in service training was conducted with our Medical Director and Special Guest Instructor Dr. Norotzky on Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Life Jacket return stations were checked weekly and resupplied.

MFD sent one individual to Sheridan Wyoming to become an instructor on the Large Fire Simulation training prop that is located behind Fire Station 9. Crews will be cycling through this trailer and we will have possession of it until the end of July.

The two full time openings were advertised and have returned much interest from applicants across the region. Applications are continuing to be submitted and accepted daily. MFD will be conducting the applicant testing process on August 21st, 2015.


Inspections and Prevention:

Engine companies have continued performing engine company inspections. The month of June, crews completed 14 inspections in conjunction with normal daily operations and answering calls.

3 impromptu station tours were conducted by your firefighters to two separate families of the community.

2 Home visits were completed to ensure properly working smoke detectors and CO monitors.

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