Fire and Rescue


All fire and EMS operations are conducted out of Station 9.

Fire and Rescue

Mills Fire Department operates with 13 sworn officers and responds to all emergency incidents within the city and mutual aid areas during rotation on 48 hour duty days within a three shift structure. Each shift has a Captain who supervises an engineer and one or more firefighters. Within each company, one of the three personnel is always a certified Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate.

The response companies are the personnel who are responsible for emergent and non-emergent operations.

  • Smoke reports
  • Alarms
  • Ice rescue
  • Structure fires
  • Car fires
  • Medical calls
  • Installation of smoke detectors in your home
  • Assistance calls
  • Crew standbys at local events throughout the year
  • Building surveys and pre-planning
  • Other requested responses and activities


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